HydroTac® Lenses - Testimonials
Good evening Pamela, 
just wanted to let you know I have already used my DiveOptx Lenses, what can I say other than a huge thank you.
These lenses are fantastic, easy to fit and as described, my +2.00 bi-focal lenses allow me to dive with far less stress and more comfort, easily reading my dive computer and watch.
I have had several masks recently with expensive bi-focal lenses, but all have been small mask styles not quite fitting my face, subsequently causing me to use valuable air to clear my masks.I have now returned to my single lens Tusa mask and fitted the lenses 2/3rds down each side, perfect for full vision and easy sighting of my Dive computer, two dives down and can’t wait for the next one.
I will definitely be coming back for more DiveOptx lenses, 
thanks and regards,
Paul L
Adamstown, Newcastle, NSW
1st Jan, 2017

3rd Sept 2014

I have been diving since 1987 and I have been shooting with film since the early 90's and it has all been with a standard 35mm SLR. I have had some very pleasing results from that setup, but as time progresses, so does the technology. Over the years my eyes have deteriorated slightly, requiring that I use reading glasses for close work. This has not affected my diving except when it came time to "Accurately" read my guages or determine what "F-Stop" I am using.
Dear Pam: