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Hydrotac DiveOptx® Stick-on Lenses for Divers
The larger DiveOptx® Stick-on lens turns any dive goggles or masks into powerful bifocal magnifying glasses with unmatched clarity. Check your air gauge or see your watch clearly underwater. It’s amazing what these wonderful stick-on lenses will allow you to see. Just add water and adhere to the inside of your diving mask. The larger 4cm (1.6 inches) diameter gives you an even bigger view of the deep. DiveOptx® lenses are removable and reusable for long-lasting value. They can be trimmed to size with a sharp scissors and positioned anywhere on the lens. Take DiveOptx® Stick-On lenses on your next dive trip for a whole new experience.
•  Designed for use with all diving masks
•  LARGE 4cm (1.6 inch) diameter for increased field of vision
•  Material: Polymer aspheric
•  Removable and reusable
•  Trim with scissors to customize shape


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Hydrotac® lenses for
Sunglasses and Safety Glasses.

Hydrotac® lenses measure 3cm along the flat edge and are 1.6cm deep.
They cling like magic!                   
Hydrotac®  lenses are soft, pliable plastic lenses shaped in a half moon.  This ultra thin design clings to the inside of your sunglasses, safety glasses or diving goggles through molecular attraction.  No adhesives are needed.
Fit any Shape or Style!  
Whether you wear traditional sunglasses, polarized fishing glasses, narrow lenses or trendy wraparounds, Hydrotac® Lenses are designed to fit any style.  Each lens is optically correct from edge to edge, providing distortion free magnification. 
Removable and re-usable!   
Hydrotac®Lenses leave no residue.  They are instantly and easily installed with water and may be removed and reinstalled at any time.
They're invisible!       
One of the best features is the fit so snugly to the inside surface of your sunglasses that when someone is looking at you, they are undetectable from the outside.  You will enjoy the benefit of magnification and no will even know you have them on.
Hydrotac® Lenses- soft, tiny removable lenses that can change any style of sunglasses or safety glasses in to an instant set of bifocal readers at a fraction of the cost of prescription bifocals. 

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Only $25.00 /pair!


Hydrotac® lenses are available in four different strengths: +1.50,  +2.00, +2.5 and +3.0.

Once installed you have instant magnification.

Hydrotac® lenses for Professionals 
Mechanical Technicians » Architects & Engineers » Hard Hat Area Personnel » Doctors & Medical Technicians  

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